Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Five Favorites, 3rd edition

Another round of the favorites.  These are the things that topped my list this week. 

1. Cleveland Botanical Gardens: Hershey Children's Garden...The kids loved it. I loved it.  Being out in nature and getting dirty.  Who could ask for more?  We were able to try to catch fish (not really, but the kids sure did try!), touch a frog and observe a turtle. Natural mazes and just lots of plants to observe and  help to grow by the kids watering themselves with the old fashioned pumps. A win all around!

2. One Thousand Gifts While I have to take the entirety with a grain of salt.  It is teaching me once again to notice the small and also be thankful for experiences that are hard, or what is known in the Catholic world as redemptive suffering.

3. Mini sweet peppers. The whole family enjoys these without having to dip them in anything, they are that good. Pero Family Farms, ftw!

4. Bubbles!  Specifically this kind where I can just wave the wand and not blow and get huge bubbles out of it.  Ephraim and I have spent many afternoons doing just that this past week.

5. Sandwich bread, using this recipe. Excellent, hearty and fresh.  I love having a bread maker, it solved all my issues with rising dough that I seemed to have prior to this.

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