Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I wore Sunday, post clothing swap edition

Today was a busy day with mass followed by a baby shower for a dear friend.  This outfit served as wear for both occasions. Last weekend I hosted a clothing swap which turned out super excellent with lots of ladies and lots of clothes and lots of new pieces to add to my and to everyone else that came wardrobes. The top half of the outfit is loot from the swap. 

Blazer: Clothing swap
Blouse: Clothing swap
Jeans: JC Penney
Shoes: Sanita

So I guess the wrinkles in the jacket was kind of my fault for lack of ironing, but they went away with time.  This was taken before mass.  And as for mass, last week we had such terrible behavior with the kids that we knew we had to revamp our approach so we did, maybe I will have to blog about the logistics in another post.  Today was much better.  While we still have active boys, at least they were under control. No running in and out of pews, or standing on them and entertaining the congregants behind us.  I consider that a win. 

And now for an outtake. 

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  1. Love the outtake- You scored at the swap!

  2. I love the pic with Ben! He's getting so big! I love the tops together!

    1. Thanks! He really is! Best wishes on your big day Saturday!

  3. Total score with the swap. Love the outfit and the outtake!!