Friday, April 12, 2013

7 quick takes

1. This: 

2. We are healthy again!  Yay God!

3. Ben's contribution is that he wants to tell you about machines and trains. That's all he said, so there you go ladies and gentlemen.

4. Its been a long week of Keith working a lot and going to school, but it seems like we are making it through.

5. It's kind of grey and dreary today, but at least its not snowing right?

6. We tried out a Little Gym class for Ben, and for two reasons I would say we won't be back.  One: The price, but really is there any class that is not $300+ around? Two: He didn't seem interested, maybe we will just stick to swim lessons for now.  Those Ben seems to enjoy a lot.

7. Ephraim has been super fun these days.  He has finally learned to say bye-bye.  He can point to body parts and can say a few of them too.  17 month olds are ridiculous, and yet amazing all in one.  I know definitely that I did not appreciate this last time around being 6+ months pregnant at the time. My favorite story of him this week is that in the backyard, he's digging in the sand with his brother. He sees me and comes barreling toward me and throws all three shovels in his hands and just gives me the hugest hug.  That right there is what I think encompasses this stage of babyhood. 

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  1. I delays a lot of children activities until they are 6. No dancing or soccer at 3, I waited. Saved money. Make best of the the public play grounds and free activities at the library.

    1. Thanks for reminding me about the library. I feel like a lot of the stuff they have is hit or miss with them. Basically due to timing and naps. But also for the reminder that I don't have to do activities early just because "everyone else is doing it."