Monday, April 29, 2013

Cara box!

Last month, I learned from reading another blogger's post about a thing called the Cara box going on over at Wifessionals, and I immediately thought "Ooh sounds like fun."  Who wouldn't want to meet more people and give and get surprise presents sometime during the month? Thus, I went ahead and joined for the month of April.  The theme of the month was Go Green.  I was paired up with two ladies, one to which to give a box and another from which to receive a box. The two lovely ladies I met through it were Jenna from Freckled Fashionista and Megan from Barefoot Bluejean Princess. I enjoyed getting to know both these fine ladies this past month through various emails and reading their blogs.  It's amazing sometimes how much two strangers can have in common.

So here was the Cara box I received from Megan.

It was filled with seeds to garden, gardening gloves, a Brita filtered water bottle, a recycled paper notebook and a super sweet note from Megan. I have already put most of it to good use.  The Brita water bottle is probably my favorite thing since I always seem to forget a drink for myself when on outings with the boys. Now I no longer have an excuse to do so!  Thank-you again Megan

Have an excellent week ya'll. 

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