Saturday, June 20, 2009

"if only it was saturday, saturday..." oh wait, it is

Last night I had the privilege of watching the movie UP with my best friend, my husband Keith. At least three times I was in in tears, tears from seeing the couple in the movie grow old together through some struggle and then when the woman Ellie died before her husband Carl did. So to a great extent this story of simply growing old in marriage with immense love is oversimplified in the movie. But we want that, at least I hope most people don't go into a marriage automatically wanting out of it. I hope they strive in marriage to fall in love more and more each day with their spouse. I know that for me watching this movie made me want to appreciate my husband more. Because life is pretty darn short. Learning to love my husband is a way I can love God, and appreciating my husband more is a way of loving him more.

Funny thing about appreciating my husband more, is that I tend to be the one with the short temper, who gets miffed over the littlest things. I know that I shouldn't, but somehow I always do. So going into that movie, I thought of all the dumb things that I had gotten mad at Keith for earlier in the week. They all seemed so stupid after watching that. The little things no longer mattered in the bigger picture.

So there was the adorable boy scout in the movie, and the dog Dugg but really the man's absolute love for for his wife held my interest. The way his wife had so much consideration for him in the way she filled out the adventure book and then told him to continue on without her on his own adventure when she had died. Maybe to those who haven't seen the movie are lost, or bored, so with that I will end this post. Have an excellent last hour of your Saturday.

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