Monday, June 15, 2009

15 minutes

A fellow blogger has the rule of devoting 15 minutes a day to blogging. I am going to see if I can keep up with this. I am sure there will be some days where a computer is out of reach, but generally I think I can do this. I figure that most of the time, I spend doing mindless quizzes on Facebook I could instead share my thoughts of today or at least talk about something more than which car fits my personality, or how common is my name in the USA. And yes, I did both of these quizzes today, which means that I wasted at least a good 5 minutes right there that I could have spent blogging. So lets see what to talk about...

Tonight I went to a Bible Study small group at my local Parish. A bible study is an interesting thing to me sometimes, because to me it took me a while as a protestant to actually want to go to one. Though once I did, and it was one where it was just fluff, I appreciated it. Which is one of the reasons when I became Catholic that since I enjoyed it so much and found it important to go deeper in my faith with study of the Bible, then I was going to find a bible study to go to.

Bible studies come under all different names, whether they be small groups, or a women's study or a men's study or a couples study, or prayer group. All essentially lead to the same thing, growing deeper in your faith through word and community of fellow Christians. Honestly, you learn a lot about your fellow Christians from Bible studies. Because faith is something that is deep and very intimate. Sometimes there is good reason why Bible studies are done of one sex, because you into a lot of issues that show your soul, which if that person isn't your husband or wife/soon to be husband or wife, then it might cause some major issues.

Granted this doesn't happen in every bible study, sometimes things are taken quite black and white, and co-ed Bible studies work in these cases. But none-the-less, I do see the reason to have sex segregated Bible studies. I also sometimes think because is just women or just men, the bonds that are made there are pretty cool. Men do need other men for brotherhood, women do need other women for sisterhood. And I am not advocating sororities and fraternities of the college greek variety, those I kinda hate, but not because of the sisterhood/brotherhood part, but because of all the other stupid stuff that goes along with them, the rules, the backstabbing and such.

And with that I am done, I like unfluffed Bible studies. The End.

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