Friday, June 19, 2009

missed yesterday, sorry

Hi guys.

I missed posting yesterday. For that I am sorry, I was cleaning up the basement, which to this point has been the dumping station over the past two years. So its on its way to being clean, at least its been dusted to say the least. Why do things collect so much dust?

Random topics today before I go to bed. The Cleveland RTA decided to change up the train schedule, so today I went at what I thought was the time for the train to come. However, I had missed it by five minutes. Apparently to accomodate track work and new stations being put in they rearranged the schedule. So the train that I usually get comes five minutes earlier. Kinda strange, because non of the other supposed rush hour trains were effected, just the one I take. Oh well.

Oh, and if you are my facebook friend, then you know that I got to eat German chocolate cake today. Exciting because of the coconut icing. I adore anything with real bits of coconut in it, except ice cream. and if you combine it with chocolate its even better. The only downfall of this cake today was that the chocolate was not the lighter german chocolate, but the devils food chocolate that you see in your normal chocolate cake.

And last, my name is on a softball roster. I should tell my mom this, she would think she would have misheard me. When I was growing up I avoided softball and anything involving arms like the plague. I really was terrible at anything with eye/hand cordination. I had to play duckhunt against the TV screen to be successful. So the fact that I was like sure you can do that, I don't mind being the sub is against the grain of my childhood. Maybe the sudden burst of coordination stems from the hours of playing tennis in college and soon there afterward.


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