Monday, May 25, 2015

Conference take ways

This past Saturday I attended the Catholic Women's Blogging Network conference for Ohio. It was amazing and uplifting. There were a little less than 20 women there and that number made it very personal and almost made you feel like you came home with that many new best friends. 

The common denominator of or blogging was that we were Catholic women, but there was so many different ways that we all went about our blogging and it reminded me of one of the beauties of being Catholic, the fact that there isn't just one way of living out our faith. I mean we all blog, but we do it in our own way and somehow it all comes back to Jesus and his wanting us to love others. 

The women that gave talks at the conference were amazing. One touched on making sure we are authentic to who we are and making sure in all things we understand we are given the responsibility of being teachers with our blogs. To know that God calls us to greatness in our blogging  and in all aspects of our lives really, in whatever way that may manifest itself. In the posts that are hard to write and in the projects that arise from blogging that our yes will be rewarded. To think about who we are serving in our blogging. To know that it's okay to make it more than a hobby if God calls us to do so. To know that the fruition of balance is never going to happen. To know you have limitations but to know that you can trust in God through those limitations, through the hard stuff. To simply find peace in your decision of blogging in whatever facet it may take.

This all challenged me and refreshed me and I am thankful for that. In thankful for amazing women to share my heart with and listen to them talk about their own.

In it all I realized I may be a tiny almost obscure blogger, and that's okay. I can still be great because I will try my best to be authentically me and being that I am made in His image, point readers to Christ.

Some of the great bloggers that were there.
Brooke of The Sacred Sink

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