Sunday, May 17, 2015

Life with Ben

Sometimes I forget to capture all the good bits of our life of three under six, especially that of the older two. The kids are full smiles and silly things and super endearing things too.  Here are a few of Ben tidbits from the last few weeks.

1.)  A friend introduced Ben to George Washington and since then Ben has told us, "I'm really sad that George Washington died already and didn't live now."

2.)"Mama, I think you, Daddy, policemen and soldiers are safe people." After a discussion about babies wanting their mamas always.

3.)"Mom, look I made a shark swimsuit." 

4.) After catapulting himself into the couch several times, "Mom, I'm tired from all the gymnastics I've done."

5.) We had a community event for our part of Cleveland called Pedal for Prizes yesterday afternoon.  Ben decided to make up a song and then took that song and went outside and serenaded all the bikers passing by with a few fist bumps and claps from those passing by. 

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