Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dear Benjamin

Dear Ben,

Somehow on your birthday you just seemed a little bigger, a little wiser, a whole year older. You are five now. Five, that seems so big yet so little.  Its funny because you get things these days, you surprise me with your knowledge and your want to do things. We create cities and read chapter books. You always insist that when it snows now its a sugar snow. You are silly like that.

You challenge me to think deeper and behave better.  You help me to see the world upside down and backwards sometimes, especially with your insistence on wearing your underwear on backwards to see the picture. You always want to be first and you are so upset when I tell you that age doesn't really matter when it comes to adult height, you think the oldest should always be the tallest.

Your most current love are numbers, you love counting them and drawing them and arranging everything them in this many or that many.  You love pointing them out everywhere we go and love insisting you have as many ice cubes as your age in your water glasses.

What I like most about you though right now is your willingness to help.  As long as you are well fed and not tired, you will rise to the occasion.  I hope this never stops, because the world needs more helpful people in it.

You are fascinated with cities and NYC, so much that you influenced your daddy to take us on a NYC adventure this summer.  You also love dogs, someday I am sure you are hoping we will give in and let you have one.  You probably would have to convince your dad the most because well he just doesn't think we would be up for it, and honestly your mama has her hands full with you and your siblings at the moment.  But maybe, just maybe your persistence will help you with this task.

You make friends no matter where you go.  I love this about you, you are fearless when it comes to meeting new people and talking to them.  I love that about you. I hope your curiosity never stops being there and you learn everything your little heart wants to learn.  Maybe you can be part of a think tank someday or some amazing philosopher. Right now though, I know you are set on being a daddy, and for some reason you want to be a stay at home daddy too.  That's okay by me.  I'll keep praying for you to grow big and strong and to love God above all else.

So, Benji boy. I love you. Don't ever stop being you.

Your Mama

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