Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekly Recipes

Hi ya'll.

I think the last time I did a meal planning post, it was early January.  So here's another one. And this time I am actually going to post in advance of making the food.

Day 1:
Kielbasa, Potato, Pepper and Onion Skillet
-I don't have a recipe for this one because I just kind of throw it together, and have been doing it since college.  It's pretty much what it says it is fried up in whatever oil I have on hand.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Yellow Beans-for an easy dinner day

Day 3:
Ramp Carbonara - probably the most ambitious recipe of the week. The CSA gave us Ramps, a garlicy leafy thing.  It's a first time for us to have these so I'll tell you how it turns out.

Day 4: Left overs

Day 5: One Pot Pasta  Vegetarian dish with lots of flavor. Excited to try this one out.

Day 6: Chicken Tortilla Soup- A brothy soup, a request of the husband

Day 7: Turkey Melts and Salad

So there it is. Our meal plan for the week. Anything exciting on your menu?

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