Sunday, April 26, 2015

WIWS...lets get out of of the funk.

Hi all. Its Sunday, and lately I've been trying to make Sundays days to rest more.  I don't think its really humanly possible to rest completely as a mother of three littles five and under, but I do think that it is possible to slow down and marvel at the things with which God has blessed me in this life.  And since I have been an awful, awful funk being scared anxious and such. I'm turning a new leaf.  I'm going to keep dealing with all the junk on the side, but I'm not going to write about it much anymore because I think that makes me sink further than I need to be and makes me lose sight of the awesome things God IS doing in my life.

I had a good talk with a church friend and I took away from that talk to detach from the bad and cling to Jesus.  Instead of seeing your life in how messed up you are from your past, to focus on the newish bond you have with your spouse.  You get a whole new turn to do this life thing, and instead of focusing on the bad, you can say we can do better and we don't have to bring the junk into our house from the past.  This was a great change in perspective for me and I've already been putting into practice today a bit. Also, I got a nap.  I needed that nap. :)

So here's the outfit.

Cardigan: Marshalls
Shirt: Target
Skirt: Target
Headband: Marc's 

I also had my trusty red canvas TOMS on go with the outfit. But I am enjoying the color red these days, now to only remember to wear it on Pentecost, for some reason I usually forget to do this.

We had an afternoon at the park and it was wonderful.  The kids loved it and neighbors visited and so we got to see friendly faces too.  An all out success to just enjoy the day. Here are the three kiddos all swinging away.

Check out some more Sunday attire at the WIWS linkup @ Fine Linen & Purple. Cheers!

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