Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where I'm at

Dear Lena,

You are at such a fun age right now. You are just picking up new things left and right. And you are full of emotions too. You are different than the boys in some ways, it takes you longer to be pacified and you really do see yourself as an extension of me and usually will stick right by me in most environments. But you are getting more adventuresome and you are figuring out your likes and dislikes more and more. I just love seeing your life unfold in a good way.
You and your brothers are bright spots among the ashes I'm dealing with right now and I'm so thankful for you guys. God gave me you all so that I really could learn to love and not out of obligation. Because love needs to come freely. It's not something that we have to be guilted into and this is a big lesson I'm learning right now.
So keep being you little girl, I'll keep trying to smile through the dark because I do know that despite it being so hard, it's going to be okay. Jesus is here with me and you all are too and for that I'm going to keep going.
your Mama

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