Monday, September 7, 2009

quick update

Sometimes I am reminded that I am a bit opinionated, which happened this weekend. This reminder wasn't done in a bad way, probably because the person knows that I am just trying to find my own way. But anyway, forgive me for the strong opinions that I have if they turn you off to reading what I write, I don't intentionally mean to put down someone who thinks differently, nor in most situations do I know more than the average person. Most of the time I just get really passionate about something and tend to rave about it and rant about the counter item.

Anyway the weekend was good, we went for a hike, went to 2 cookouts, and to the art museum. A good weekend overall. and now it is over and the work week shall begin tomorrow. At least it will be a short week and hopefully I won't get so tired during it.

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