Monday, September 21, 2009


It's an odd thing what a house becomes. Once a pile of wood and other random construction supplies, becomes a dwelling. Probably for many families along the years. My current dwelling for the next 23 days, is somewhere I have learned many things. It was the first home that my husband I owned. Our first place to live together at as married folk, never cohabitating before hand this was pretty significant. I think in the last 2.5 years having this home has taught us a lot, a lot about who we are and want to be. How we have meshed together immensely. Granted, I know so much is yet to come in who we are and who we will be together. But moving from this place makes me remember how much we have grown in such a short time. All the silly things and hard things we had to go thru in this home. The sad and the painful, the chasing and laughing at each other's unique way of doing things.
Oddly, for as much as I talk about wanting to be out of this place, I know I will miss it, especially for the memories. Maybe I will miss the jet tub a little bit, or the double sinks. But I think the things I learned about myself and my husband, the little things that either made me cry or laugh during these 2+ past years will probably be what I think of when I think of here. The jumping of the creek to get pizza or sausage from the butcher. The stupid Disney shows on Netflix I would fall asleep to on the couch in the evenings. The time I realized that my lentil soup was not really vegetarian due to it having chicken broth in it. The making of Gingerbread homes with friends. The year+ it took to put together 3000 piece puzzle of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Having my first real Christmas tree, I am going to still be an advocate of this in our new home.
There are probably many more that will come to mind with time, disasters of having the furnace break in the middle of the winter and realizing that a decorative fire place does not create a lot of heat to heat the house. Having the hot water heater break to leak all over the floor, and having our front yard dug up unexpectedly by the water company claiming we did not set up service with them, even though we had called numerous times to do so.
So many things you can't expect to happen but they do. Like breaking my arm playing soccer, slicing open my thumb twice with a grater, and developing tendinitis in my right knee after hiking the grand canyon. Not to mention all the biking and softball injuries Keith obtained in the process there. But I think I will stop here.
I am pretty excited about our new place that we will get November 7th. It will be fun to be in the city and to be close to things and just to have a little less overall. Unfortunately I will have to live in Brecksville for 3 weeks with the in-laws and fight the I-77 traffic every morning, but the reward will be a great one in the end.

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