Friday, September 4, 2009

apparently its september (7 quick takes edition)

1. So, with all the hoopla lately about the Kennedys I do think the one that should have been featured more in dying was Eunice Kennedy Shriver instead of Mr. Edward Kennedy. It seems that she did a lot more "saintly" things with actually caring about the handicapped and such, and starting the Special Olympics. All the other guy did was change the democratic party from caring about the little guy to killing the little guy in the womb. But maybe the fact that the Kennedy that was doing God's work wasn't praised as much is just a reminder of Jesus' words of the first shall be last and the last first. She will undoubtedly get her reward in heaven, even if it wasn't recognized by those that write history.

2. In a pregnancy update, I actually drank decaf coffee yesterday and didn't have a terrible reflux episode. I am also glad that more times than not, if I figure out what I want to eat, I can actually eat a lot of it. Before I felt like I was eating way less than pre-pregnancy.

3. My parents are coming this weekend and we are going hiking. I'm praying that all goes smoothly, maybe my mom will relate to my sister's insanity that I am having to deal with.

4. There seems to have been a lot of facebook applications where they predict the number of children etc. Kinda like the game MASH that we used to play in grade school, in fact one of them is an electronic version of MASH. The thing with these applications, is that they really, really stereotype everyone that has normal ambitions into living in the suburbs with 2 kids and a big car. What about the rest of us that want at least a basketball teams worth of kids, who want to live in the city, and like little cars, or to use public transit. It irks me that the stereotype is that if you are educated you automatically want a small family. Well GRR to them. I want a freakin huge family and if all goes well, by the end of next year I will have a doctorate!

5. A quick one, since I am struggling to think of 3 more things, for those of you wondering, we will not be figuring out the sex prior to delivery of the baby. We are old school all the way. yay!

6. I made chicken enchiladas yesterday, and they are awesome once again. One of the best recipes for me to ever stumble upon. Chicken Enchiladas with Creamy Green Chile Sauce

7. It's Friday! woot! this week just seemed like a long one.

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  1. We didn't find out the sex of any of our babies. At some point in every pregnancy, I always kind of wish I had found out, but I'm always glad in the end for the surprise.

    Those Facebook child predictors never work for me either. I doubt they even have an over-sized family result.