Friday, September 11, 2009

7 quick takes por Viernes

1. I actually feel good today unlike most of the days earlier this week.

2. I am hoping that softball actually completes the tournament today so it is finally over. Though for those of you who follow me on facebook, "It's still baseball season." In reference to the masses being American football junkies now.

3. Our house is sold, we get to pick out a new one tomorrow and then probably bid on it the same day. I am excited to move into the city limits!

4. For some bizarre reason I can take much more of Avril Lavigne than the average pop star. She just doesn't annoy me as much, though the latest album that I have is a stretch in some parts.

5. My birthday is Sunday and I feel that since I will be 26 that I am now old since it is in the latter half of the twenties.

6. Everyone was doing a thing where they were remembering where they were at on Sept 11th. I was in Calculus class totally oblivious. I came back from class to my dorm to find out about the crazy mess going on.

7. There was a pro-lifer killed today in Flint, MI. It sparked conversation about what it means to be pro-life. Most people don't really get the true meaning of it, but then again they aren't informed well. I do think that to be truly pro-life means you are contraceptive-free, do not believe in abortion as being a justifiable practice, nor is euthanasia justifiable, and when it comes to the death penalty for at least this country where our max security prisons are actually well secured the criminal that could be killed should not be because he does deserve a chance to repent his actions. There are more things to being pro-life, like providing food and water to those starving etc. But this is more on the lines of what I think being pro-life is about, caring about everyone,especially the ones with muted or no voice.

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