Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hi there...grace and stuff

Oh hey. I have this thing called a blog.  I should write in it sometime.  Hi everyone!

Ninja upside, ack!

I'm recovering from a stomach bug, eating cereal and Panera baguettes as toast, because nothing else tastes good. I thought since I am currently able to sit up I could catch you up on life.

The new year brought some extra cold temperatures our way, which makes me never want to leave the house.  Because it's already not my favorite thing to buckle three kids into the car every time I go in and out of the car, when you do it at 15 degrees F, I just don't even want to try.  And there is the whole don't put a baby in their coat in the car seat thing.  I just keep thinking we live with a detached garage and its 15 degrees outside, how is that even possible to do?  I'm all for safety, but sometimes hypothermia wins out in my book in safety measures.

I'd been praying the Mary Undoer of Knots novena to get rid of some knots in my life and every single time I pray it something happens.  This time the most significant thing was that I went to a Moms Transmit the Faith meet up.  Though I've never been, I would kind of say its like a small version of MOPS.  The topic discussed at the meet up was grace. In the meeting grace was defined as, " a participation in the life of God" and I think that is according to the Catechism too. Well, you see, I have read books on grace and have had classes in college that talked about it, but for some reason in my state of being, I was struggling with it.  I couldn't figure out how grace applied to me in the here and now.  I know that sounds almost silly.  Because I should get grace, people use the word all.the.time. But somehow, I think that in this stage of 3 small kids that I just had to wallow.  I think now though if I keep thinking more on this line of thinking of grace, that God is there in me helping me through it, it may just be a little bit less overwhelming.  I don't think its gonna take away the screaming kids all at once, or the 3 yo being very three, but maybe it will help me to pause and think someone is here with me in my struggles and I can grow in grace through this.

The woman presenting this lesson talked about a cup of grace inside each one of us.  That we each have one, whether small or big.  With sacraments and such we keep adding to our grace cups and in each experience that calls on God's grace too.  I am probably totally wrong here, but I like to think that when we receive Jesus every week into our bodies, eventually if we let him break through our tough selves we will be full of Jesus.  I think I just realized how grace is helping me to do that more and more.

So anyway, those are my thoughts, I hope you all are having a good Tuesday and are keeping warm and healthy in this winter of yuck. Also did you see that the Pope was charitable towards breastfeeding mamas in church. I love being Catholic more and more each day. Cheers!

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