Sunday, May 11, 2014

WIWS, Mothers Day Ed.

Finally another WIWS post!

And it was gorgeous out today, at least temperature wise.  So here is the outfit and the kiddos that make me be able to participate in Mother's Day festivities. 

As for the outfit, everything I'm wearing except the shoes are hand me downs, so for a breakdown, I'm worth nothing. The shoes are Teva.  Ben is dressed as the typical pre-schooler, a wild collared shirt, black sweatpants and rain boots.  Ephraim has an Elmo collared shirt, hand me down shorts from his cousin and he managed to wear his brother's shoes at least 3 sizes to big. The sling is Eddie Bauer, it seems to be Helena's favorite, so I wear it a lot. And since you can't see Miss H, well here are some closer shots.

 Helena's outfit is a gift from Gymboree. And now for a close up...

Nothing better than a peacefully sleeping baby. 

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