Sunday, November 11, 2012

What I Wore Sunday...Vol 4

So.  My super kind husband is letting me have 10 minutes to blog post this while he plays tent with the kiddos.  So here goes. 

Today we went to early mass at our parish.  If we had gone to the later mass, I may have ditched the tights since it was 65 out today.  In Cleveland, in November it is a rarity.  Last year today, it snowed.

Necklace: the same cross from before from Catholic Heart Work Camp
Sweater: I don't know where it came from but its been one 
of my essential winter pieces for a while now. 
Dress: Kohl's but I acquired through the clothing swap I had last night 
(I like this dress so I consider the swap party a success!)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Sanita
Baby: Ephraim

 I look forward to checking out some of your awesome Sunday outfits too.  You all have inspired me  to care more about what I wear and also I love seeing everyone else's styles.  

Check out some more great outfits at the linkup at Fine Linen and Purple. Peace.


  1. Clothing swap? I like the sound of that! Especially if you get cute dresses like that out of it!

  2. I LUV that dress! And the sweater. I wear a cardi or jacket with everything (as you can see), so I'm lovin' this ensemble.

  3. Hey!! New to this meme and LOVING your style!!! Thanks for sharing, and inspiring!! I LOVE that look VERY much. Blessings!

  4. That dress is great and I would love to hear how you organized your clothing swap....what a great idea!!

  5. Hi all. Thanks for all the kind words! I just thought I would let you know I just put up a post on how to have a clothing swap which you can find here:

  6. Loving the dress. Proof style doesn't have to cost much, or anything, or require a trip out of the house (which I love.) Might try hosting a swap of my own.