Thursday, November 29, 2012

Small Success Thursday

It's Thursday, almost Friday! And what happened this week.  Well, here are some good things, some small successes.

1. I managed to blog more than once this week.  I think this may be due to a lot of time alone at night, but really its nice to get some thoughts out of my head and into words. Still have many more which would be nice to get out.  If only we had infinite time on our hands.

2. I managed to get my children an extra hat and glove set and a new pair of shoes each all for $7.50 total.  Children's resale shops for the win!

Who could resist these?

3. I feel like I've actually kept up with laundry this week and while I definitely have loads still running. I have kept up with the folding and putting the clothes away in their appropriate places.

4. Bonus success: I actually have appropriate colored Advent candles in my possession. This definitely didn't happen last year.

I think Catholic Mom has a linkup now with this, but for some reason I failed to be able to post with them, so here is my own unlinked post.  Peace ya'll.

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