Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Days of Thanks

I decided to try this link-up because I should be able to think of at least 30 things to be Thankful for.  So here goes. 

1. God and his love.  I feel like just now I am starting to get more of a glimpse of the perfection of his love and the imperfection in my love, I blame this on my stubbornness.

2. For my children, my boys while they try all kinds of crazy stunts daily, can also give the best hugs and smiles.  And they can laugh, which makes me smile and it just makes my day better.

3. For my husband, he's with me to the end and I am thankful that he knows that and loves me despite my imperfections.

4. For confession, its an amazing grace that God gives us and every time I partake in it I start anew and feel like I can really make it and stay on the path to Heaven following Jesus.

5. For the tangible community in my neighborhood.  I love that I can go over to a neighbor's house and know that I will be welcomed even though I didn't give notice of coming. I also love that we help each other out in crisis with meals or if one person heads out for an errand we ask another if they need anything. It makes for a great place to live.

6. For my Catholic faith, it came with much strife, but I can't imagine being anything but Catholic anymore.  I finally feel at home.

7. For having the privilege to be able to have the career I want to have, which is a SAHM.  It's what's best suited for me, and I am thankful that my husband's job allows me do so.

8. Netflix, man I love my non-commercial on demand TV and movies. I love that I have a ton of shows that I can choose from and also can help me with nap time.

9. My good friends that have stuck by me through the ups and downs of life. It's sometimes hard to find these people but when you do, you want them to stick around and you will do anything for them.

10. For my family, as crazy and as stubborn as we are, I still am thankful for them.  They make life lively and if someone is in need they rise to the occasion.

11. Living in the city, I love being able to be 20 minutes or less from almost anything. Everyday is an adventure.

12. Being healthy. It allows me to be able to keep up with my high energy boys and I am so thankful that I can keep up with them.

13. Blogging as an outlet to get out the words that I can't sometimes say in an articulate manner.

14. Twitter, as it helps me to know things, to connect with some of the coolest people, some of which I hope to meet someday, and it helps me to realize that social media can be used for the good of helping others.

15. #CathSorority  I love these women in this group.  I am not a sorority kind of girl, but these ladies are my people.

16. Amazon Prime, it makes my life so much easier.

17. Music, I love singing and dancing with my husband and boys.  Such joy!

18. Soccer, its my favorite sport ever.  I am thankful for the connection it gives me to people all over the globe and I am thankful that I can play it too.

19. Running, I met some of my best friends running and I am thankful that I can still do it and sometimes take my boys with me.

20. Walks outside. It gets us fresh air, lets us get exercise and regroup to go back in and play or get things done.

21. For having a fenced in yard. Because I feel safer in the city knowing that my kids are penned in from crazy drivers and such.

22. For Holidays first because I get to see my husband. I tell him if he was around me all the time I wouldn't get sick of him, he doesn't believe me.  I love having him around, especially on holidays. Second because it makes us slow down and appreciate things that matter like God and family.

23. For the ability to nurse and sustain a human being.  I know it doesn't work out sometimes for moms and I am so thankful that God gave me this ability.

24. For the freedom God gives me in my will.  I hope I choose right, but I am thankful to know that it isn't forced on me.

25. For clothes. I especially am loving the What I Wore Sunday linkups. So much fun fashion and all for Jesus!

26. The internet, so much knowledge, and so many connections to people.

27. My phone, my first real smart phone, and I will be sad to see it go. I love though that I can talk to people all around the world on it wherever I am.

28. Puzzles, relaxing and yet strengthening of the mind.

29. Biking. I love the feeling of the wind in my face and I love to race as fast and I can without hurting myself.

30. The Zoo.  I love just seeing the animals, being outside, learning something new. Hanging out with friends and my family there and just being able to get away from our house and the city while still being in the city for just a little while.

And there you have it. I thought of 30.  I struggled in the middle, but now can think of a lot more.  Check out the linkup at It's Just Called Spicy.


  1. What a wonderful list. I love the picture of you and your friends, it looks like a fun time:) So many thing you have to be thankful for. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh my goodness, I totally agree about the zoo! What a great addition to your list. It's like the best place in the universe to bring little ones (and we mamas have fun there too!).

  3. Confession: yesyesyes.

    Also, I am a big walks girl myself. Sometimes it just amazes me that I can take these two legs anywhere I want to (within reason, of course).