Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Realizing I wouldn't have it any other way

For the last 4.5 months or so I feel like I've just been trying to hold my head above water.  Trying to just get by being the mom of 2 under 2.  But today, today I realized that I like being a mom of two little ones.  Yes there are hard days but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Now after 4 + months of wrangling 2 little ones I finally like them again.  I'm sure I'll go back to hating them tomorrow when they are screaming at me at the library tomorrow or something like that.  But the chaos of two is challenging and fun nonetheless.  When I had just one for what seemed like 2 days due to ER visits with the toddler it seemed lonely and I realized how much the baby and I like having the almost 2 year old around.  His crazy antics make our day go that much faster.  Just hopefully we don't have to visit the ER again anytime soon.

Who wouldn't love this goofy guy?

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