Thursday, February 23, 2012

I've ignored this blog...

At least I feel so.  Thursday is supposed to be small successes (somehow these feel big to me).  So I will try to do these.

1. I got both kids to story time at the library on time today.  After story time the toddler decided to run out of the room and hide which meant I had to search the whole library for him, and luckily 2 other moms realized what had happened and helped me find him.  Scary yet thankful for helpful nice people.

2. We also got to the doctor on time earlier this week and the 4 month old pictured below, is a big growing boy at 14lbs 12 oz in weight and 26.5 inches long.  And the fact that I keep him alive is probably a big success and not a small one amongst the chaos, or at least it feels like so.  Tell me mamas of more children, it does get easier right?  Sometimes I feel so strung out its insane, other days I love it.

3. Both my kids were in bed by 8pm tonight without screaming involved.  A huge success and I hope this continues because really I could use some normalcy after 4 months of chaos.

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