Thursday, March 1, 2012

Small Successes 3/1

1. We made it to two story times this week, one of them being at 10am, which means we made it out of the house before 10am, this felt like a record, though we've done it before. Its just this time we didn't do it with kicking and screaming but it flowed.  :)

2. I kept 1 out of my 2 children out of the emergency room.  The one that was in the ER, well at least he is doing better right?

3. I blogged twice this week, and so far have kept up with my Lenten plans.  I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate more with the family but personal lent is going well.

4. I cut 20 seconds off my mile time.  It's still way slow for past me, but definitely my fastest post partum time this time around.

Exciting things are happening all around me and I wish I could share them with you but they are other folks good news and so I will share them down the road when they have officially been told to the world by the respective parties.  Oh, and guess who is turning two tomorrow?

This guy is.  Craziness.

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