Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our conversions...

Reading Jennifer Fulwiler's conversion from pro-choice to pro-life (found here) just makes me want to just love people more.  It reminds me to my teenage angst days where I did thought women were treated unfairly and had to be just like a man to really get anywhere.  First of all oh how only 10 short years can change so much.  Second, I'm so glad that I no longer think this way and am really happy because of it.  I mean yes life as a woman isn't an all the time non stop party, but I think I understand a little bit more about who I am and who God made me to be than I did at 16 or 18.  I wonder if my 16 year old self would have listened though to my 28 year old self now.  Maybe I would have, but really I don't think I was ready to hear it, I had a lot of baggage to work through and 16 year me was in a totally different place than 22 year old me that really seemed to actually be able to hear and seek truth.  And since then I've loved learning more and more, understanding bit by bit with more life experience.

So now, where I am at, I just want to love people more and help them to be who God wants them to be.  I probably fail at this more than anyone, but still that is my desire. Because life is so much better on the flip side at least in my short lived experience.

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