Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Train success

I am attempting using public transit with Ben these days. Yesterday we rode the train (the rapid if you are a Clevelander) and we had no crying, and actually had a sleeping boy one way.  This is a rare occurrence in the car these days, so it was a nice change.  So we are gonna try it again as we are headed to a friend's house which is right off the train line.  I think he likes it because he gets to be close to me rather than in a separate seat, and it probably has a more even vibration about it too.  Who knows.  Anyway, I am testing it out so I can maybe see if I can really use the public transit for my transportation to and from schwork.  I know I will have a few bags to take in each day, but I do think so far it is possible.  Though I will definitely have to invest in an Ergo carrier, or maybe take the jogger stroller some days.

Pray today goes ok, it was kinda a restless night in the Kurak household last night.

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