Tuesday, April 13, 2010

labor pains part 2

I am not sure how far I will get with this post as the sleeping baby on me is in turn making me a bit drowsy. But I wanted to attempt to continue the story. Ok totally took a nap with the baby, but now I am up again and baby is still sleeping. So I wanted to continue the story. I finished the puzzle around 7:30pm and then started to watch my discs of Gilmore Girls. I believe that I was somewhere around season 3 or 4 at this point. The contractions were between 3-5 minutes apart. Keith had downloaded a contraction counter app for his ipod touch and was having fun keeping track of them. Around 9pm we called the midwife and she called back telling us that she knew I was in labor, and that I could come in if I wanted to, but they didn't have a tub room ready for a water birth which is what I was wanting. So I said ok, I will wait it out here for a bit longer. So I did. I took a bath at home relaxed a bit, Keith took a nap, and we called the parents saying we hadn't gone to the hospital yet but we were getting ready to go. Thus we said we would go dark for a bit and call when we had news.

Well it wasn't till 1am that we went it, and at that there still wasnt a tub room ready. They hooked me up to the fetal monitoring and checked my progress. I was only 3cm dialated. So we were sent to walk around the hospital for 2 hours. So Keith and I walked, and again, Keith took another nap, so for a while it was just me walking thru the contractions. But then we got snacks and then returned upstairs. No more progress was made, so the midwife sent us home with ambien for me to try to sleep thru the contractions. This was around 5am so we had basically hit the 24 hour mark. I tried to sleep and I believe I did for about an hour, and then woke up totally disoriented thinking my bedroom was a circus tent. I was crying because of the pain and disorientation, and I definitely hit my breaking point then. Keith, once he figured out what was going on, calmed me back down. Since I only took one ambien he thought I should take another one, though it totally did nothing but disorient me. When I went to the bathroom in the morning, I found that my mucus plug had come out, so transition had started. I took a warm bath, and labored in the bath. In the bath I remember that the contractions I had were associated with different animals, all of the circus variety. Weird stuff that ambien is.

After the bath, I got up and had an urge to be over a toilet, so I ate my breakfast of oatmeal on the toilet and unbeknownest to me I had started the pushing phase. At this point we were headed into the hospital, but Keith called them again around 8:30-9am ish and had them talk to me. Again they said to stay home as long as I wanted to but, I knew we needed to go. So we went. Funny thing was that as soon as we got in the car and started driving my water broke. Like a water balloon popping. A strange feeling and sound I must say. And Ben is up so I must go. Part 3 will be later.

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  1. I love reading birth stories. :) It sounds like you had a great labor. I was definitely not that confident to stay home so long with my first born.