Friday, April 30, 2010

7 quick takes

1. It's my last day of my last week before I start working part-time from home. So I should enjoy it right? Good thing its sunny out!

2. We've been dealing with rash issues with Ben, thinking its a mix of cradle cap and baby acne.  He doesn't mind, but I sure feel bad for him.

3. Found a new show that both Keith and I like, called Better Off Ted. Reminds us of Arrested Development.

4. I hurt my back, or maybe its just my hips deciding its time to decrease to normal size again. Whichever it is, it sure is annoying cause I can't do all the crazy holds I have developed for holding Ben so that he is happy.

5. We are working on having Ben nap on his own, and also trying to space feedings out to at least 2 hours apart. The second is going better than the first. Not sure he is ready to nap for more than 30 minutes on his own, and this is after he has fallen asleep with one of us close by.

6. We made it out for many walks this week once the rain was thru early on, and they have been fabulous.

7. We are going out to our first dinner engagement tonight without Ben, hopefully it goes well.

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