Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Little E

Dear Mr. Ephraim,

A year ago your birth shocked me.  You would think it wouldn't have since you were 8 days late, but it still did.  The labor of your birth was so quick, so different, my mind and body were in such different places.  So much so, that when we arrived at the hospital I had no idea that I was fully ready to push you out into this world.

You have taught me so much, so many things that I thought I would have known because of you being the second child, that still I have learned for the first time around with you. Things like how I actually can function on almost no sleep.  How to actually have a baby who sleeps in their car seat and use this to an advantage.  How to deal with a baby who actuals really wakes in the middle of the night for long periods of time.  And probably more than what my mind can think of...

But the point is that you stretched me,  you stretched me in your beauty as a unique child of God.  You helped me to see a lot of myself that I had been hiding.  You helped me to balance more and you most importantly forced me to rely on God through it all.

But enough about me, you are a wonderful blessing to our family.  I'm so excite God chose your dad and I to be your parents.  As you grow I see who you are becoming and that is someone full of enthusiasm and focus.  You don't like TV right now, that is quite okay by me.  You also don't like to sit through story books but I think one day you will.  You are super strong and have been since birth.  You make the best sound effects just like your dad and it makes me jealous that I can't even begin to attempt them.

You probably hold the record of baby food throwing, but that is okay, it only sometimes makes me want a dog.  I love how cuddly you are, and that you really are a mama's boy to the true definition right now, you will accept no substitutes.  You have the best tilty-head side smile, and while Keith, your daddy would say that is because of me and my crooked smiles, I would say no, it is all you.

In you, I see your daddy so much.  If you were to look at your daddy and then you, there would be no doubt with that cleft in your chin and those big blue eyes that you are his son.  On the other hand, I also see your uncle Kirk in you and from that I know you are my son too, among other things.

You rock the walkers and you love to dance with me in the kitchen.  You love to go for wagon rides and ride in the carriers on mama and actually you don't mind strollers sometimes too.  High chairs, except your own, are another story.  Somehow you always manage to escape out of the restaurant ones.

I always have to keep my eye on you as you are one sneaky dude and if I forget about you for one second you have somehow managed to make a giant mess of food or towels, or clothing, or gotten all the way upstairs.

You love, love, love water and because of this you have made me have to get out of my water hating world.  In this you are like your daddy again, but that is okay because I love you both.

And now mama is tired, but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Little Ephraim Gerard!  I love you and and I love being your mama!

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