Friday, October 26, 2012

7 quick takes...the evening edition

1. I am trying to get myself together to blog more.  So despite the constant interruptions and sleep strike we seem to be going through here I am.

2. I managed to make 20 origami cranes.  And in the process of doing this I learned that even if I have a book on origami, I prefer to look up things like how to make a paper crane on the internet.  Maybe its because there was a video tutorial and thats how I learn better.  But I notice I do this with cooking too.  So I guess I am part of the paperless generation.  I at least still read real books to my kids.

3.  We got pictures done for Ephraim's 1 year old shots.  I tried to get a few pictures of the boys together, but either I had Ephraim getting up and walking right to me or I had Benjamin refusing to look at the camera and smile.  At least we got a few good shots of them separate.

4. I finally got to the dentist this week and I am again cavity free, this has been for about 2 years now.  This is good because when I was in grad school the stress of it made me have like 12 cavities, it was insane.

5. The boys and I traveled all over the neighborhood handing out flyers for a Halloween block party that was supposed to be tomorrow.  It looks like mother nature doesn't want it to happen though since its supposed to rain all day and the party was supposed to be an outdoor gig.  Maybe we will have to try in the spring again.  It was fun going around to all the houses.

6. Somehow both my boys have decided that wake up time is the crack of dawn, and with Keith's work schedule that happens to make me have to get up at the crack of dawn, and yeah, I am not so awesome at it.  I think that I only got through because of the naps that I managed to sneak in the last 2 days.

7. Even though this is the second go around with potty training, I decided to make a sticker chart to really make things happen this time.  So here's to hoping it works.  I have stickers, candy and a big prize to earn at the end of the chart, which is going to not happen over night so hopefully it works this time around.

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