Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It's odd.  I shouldn't compare ... but I do.  I shouldn't get angry ... but I do. Why is this?  Is it my faulty human nature to do so?  Has it just moved on from comparing the way I look to all the other girls to now comparing what my child does to all the other similar aged babies?  It's weird.  Because I shouldn't, and yet I do.  I do even though I know its fruitless. I know I am much better off loving my baby the way he is, instead of comparing.  Maybe this is why Facebook or other forms of bragging media are a bad idea sometimes.  It makes us not love our babies, but instead make us want to beat out the other one, or force our kid to do more than he's capable of doing, or to question our working parenting techniques.

So what's the solution.  Should I shut myself out of Facebook?  Probably not. Maybe a solution is to turn off the feeds of that are causing me to stumble in my love though. Because while its nice to be friends with folks, sometimes its just too much to hear that their kid did this and this today and he's/she's so cool because of that.  And a friendship no longer exists but only a competition. To me, that isn't healthy.  We are to use new media as a communication device to strengthen friendships, not tear them down.  So I will continue to use this new media in a way that does help me be a better friend, a better sister, a better mama, a better wife.  I'm not going to let the bad override the good.  Because in the end, its not who has the most friends that's important, but how we treat each other in love.

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