Wednesday, August 11, 2010


You know those days when you have a million things running around your head but then when you go to write them down you forget them.  Well that is today.  Oh well.  I guess at minimum I can say that I am on to the last chapter of my thesis writing.  I don't want to be at a standstill with it, since I can't seem to find words for this chapter, so I am editing previous chapters in the meantime.  I can't wait for it to be done, but at the same time it totally freaks me out to have to go and defend.  But I can do it, I just have to not freak out and stutter so much.  Not that I have a stuttering problem, just a speaking in public problem for something big like this.

So besides that its my mama's birthday this weekend.  She probably wouldn't want me to tell you how old she is so I won't.  My grandmother, on the other hand I think is past that point, and her 85th birthday is approaching.  We are gonna take another trip to PA in a few weeks for that.  Hopefully its a fun family get together and to top that it is the first time will me that particular great-grandma.

Since this is a loss of words post, this is gonna wrap it up.  Though I am gonna use my stickies program to remember these thoughts a little better for the next post.  At least I am going to try to remember to use it. haha.

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