Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our mass adventure

A quick post to see if you would actually do this yourself.  Or if my husband and I are crazy kids, I am betting the latter, but I thought I would ask anyway.

So, we decide to go to mass on Saturday evening instead of Sunday morning because Keith, my husband, has to work the Truth booth, or as other's would call it the pro-life booth, for the Feast of the Assumption at our church that evening.  So with that in mind, since the roads around our church are blocked off, and the parking lot is full of fair rides we decide to take the train, or the Rapid as some Clevelanders call it.  Though as soon as we get into the car to drive to trains station it begins pouring.  But we are headed east, so maybe we could outrun it right?  Well, sort of.

We made it to the train station fine, and it was only raining slightly hard there, and so with baby in tow we run for cover under the E. 55th train station.  Unfortunately this station is half under construction, so the blockage from the rain is minimal.  And what do you know the train is running late, by about oh ten minutes.  So Ben, Keith and I are chilling with the other soon to be train passengers on the stairs trying not to get wet.  It kinda worked, but the blowing rain kept getting us even with an umbrella.

The train gets there, and we speed on to it thru the first door, somehow in the 5 uncovered steps we get pretty wet.  But thats ok, as long as it stops before we get to the stop for the church.

Well we arrived, and low and behold its still raining, something about going east along with the storm maybe.  Hmm.  Well, with a delayed train we have to go anyway if we are gonna make it to mass on time.  So we decide to take our chances and go.  With the baby Bjorned up and an umbrella overhead, dressed in a skirt and sandals, I walk down E. 120th to mass. Keith without an umbrella kindly walks with me, but then I'm like you're a bit crazy, you should run not to get so wet.  So he does.

As we continue walking, there seemed to be an increasing amount of water on the street, and even on the sidewalk, till one point there is a good foot of water to tread through.  And my silly husband is running getting himself soaked more so, and I'm walking with Ben with my feet completely submerged in water. Fun. Needless to say we got there.  But I wonder are we crazy to have made this effort to get to mass?  We could have easily waited till Sunday to go without rain, and trains.

We did dry out throughout the mass and when it came to working the Truth Booth at the Feast, we were pretty dry except for Keith's feet since he had sneakers instead of sandals like myself. Ben even got to be the highlight of the Truth Booth.  Cause there's nothing like a cute baby to make you want to be pro-life right?

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