Thursday, October 15, 2009

move out day...random thoughts

1. Sad to be saying goodbye to 9785 Grist Mill, but happy to be moving to a place more fitted for my husband and I and baby and other future babies.

2. I am thankful for having a sleep-filled night, though I just wish that I didn't have non-sleeping night prior to make the tiredness still be here.

3. I took some Sudafed for congestion, as it seems that the congestion is major enough today to feel like its running down my throat. grr. Hopefully it will help a bit.

4. I am wondering if it would be fun to do a poll on whether or not folks think our baby due March 6th is gonna be a boy or a girl. Normally this week is the mark in which people find out, and since we don't want to I wonder if a poll would be fun. I think it would be something like Do you think its gonna be a Gracelyn or a Benjamin? I could totally add the strange middle names to it, but I think that keeping those a surprise for most people is kinda fun. Especially when we are thinking of putting a full name of a Saint of our choice as the middle name. Anyway let me know what you think about doing a poll. I'm leaning towards a yes, though I am wondering where would be the best place for it. Probably it will be Facebook since only a few read this.

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