Wednesday, October 7, 2009

life happens

One of the things I never thought would have happened happen on Friday. I lost my wedding ring set while on my public transit commute. It simply fell off my person and rolled away on the train car, maybe into another's possession maybe still stuck on a certain train. Who knows. I was devastated on Friday when I lost it, but am doing ok since then. I'm still sad that I lost it, and if anyone jokes about it I get a bit angry, but I know that with all the signs posted and the prayers being said, its in God's hands with St. Anthony helping. My husband is checking the pawn shops today, granted he is well enough to get out of bed, he is a bit under the weather, probably due to lack of sleep and abundant amounts of stress for him.

Honestly, one would think that the woman carrying the child would have all the stress, but really my husband has a lot on his plate. He has to work his normal job, do work for his side programming job, then finance our new cheaper home, figure out all the stuff that goes along with moving, figure out what is the best health care plan from his company for us next year, and then on top of this, he is focused on finding my lost ring set. So yeah, pray for him if you get a chance, probably for some help if you could. I am trying my best, but I tend to sleep a lot now and not have my normal energy so my helping is a bit on the limited side.

So we do have a house, pending inspection, and the contract says we are set to move in on the 23rd, which is pending also on how fast the loan goes through. Anyway, keep praying for that ring to be found, and if you have anything you need to be prayed for, let me know.

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