Saturday, June 21, 2008

sometimes i wish people would remove the blinders

So. I think that someone close to me is making a really poor decision. He knows it deep down that it is bad, but he enjoys the company the pleasure of it all. It seems he is so lost that he has given up on God for a quick fix, instead of seeking the root of the issue. I wish more people understood true love. That sex isn't love. Love is so much more than that. And to limit it to that would be cheapening it. It's like cheapening grace, which people do all the time. And to some extent myself included. But I don't want to take love for granted. Love is hard, it includes suffering, patience, self-control, goodness, and kindness. All of these things very essential to love. At times it involves humility and sacrifice. But it always should have the intention of what is best for the other person involved. And should not be selfish. Unfortunately, most of the time we forget that we need to be self-less and not selfish in love. That we need to look deeper into our decisions and figure out how they will effect those around me that I love. Will I destroy this relationship by this. Will I create a false sense of security from this action. And overall by doing this will I offend my God, my savior and my Father.

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