Friday, June 13, 2008


So yet again, I get another link to join a group on facebook about gas prices. I am throughly annoyed with this type of response. Annoyance without action means nothing. If a person simply complains without having a response, something that they do to change this, then its like being a saved by faith alone protestant. Which completely misses the point too. Grr.

Why don't we try to walk more, ride a bike, take more pubic transport (its free air conditioning with a low cost ride that helps us with our CO2 emissions!), buy local produce, eat less meat, use less high energy devices. Make lifestyle choices that cost less. Maybe getting something used instead of new. Maybe fixing something instead of getting new. And above all recycle!!! To make new of all things plastic requires oil, so just recycle and reduce that dependence. And you know what, it will make us a healthier nation as a whole. In many retrospects. Maybe we will have a better respect for what God gave us instead of taking it for granted.

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