Monday, July 7, 2008

the things that odd ones like me think about

1. If we don't uphold the commands that God gave us and continues to give us in our actions and how we deal with others what will the world come to. Why is it that if it hurts someone's feelings but its what God tells us to do that we go against God? It just bugs me that because we are afraid to hurt each other's feelings we become this society that allows the bad and turns away from the good.

2.Am I racist or a bigot of some sort when behind me the man turns on his cell phone mp3 player and I am totally annoyed, because it is so loud and distracting. But the man was black. I would like to think I would be annoyed with anyone that plays their mp3 cell phone, when the rules post that you have to use headphones, but for some reason on the train it is always a black person. I hope that I haven't become someone who is annoyed at a particular race, but only a particular trait of disturbing others.

3. So you always see parents reprimanding kids for swearing, the thing is that most of those parents will swear in front of their kids. So why do they get so upset for their kids for swearing when they themselves aren't being a good example. Kids learn stuff from their parents despite what some may tell you.

Sorry for the rants.

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