Thursday, July 17, 2008

the oddities of morality in Friday Night Lights

so again when we can't ever call someone out when they make a bad choice, then we have a society where everything is OK, and one full of hypocrisy.

Take the show Friday Night Lights,

While this is an exaggeration of what actually happens in the Bible belt south, it still represents some skewed views of what it is to be a Christian. And for someone to simply see this show and then say ok those people are Christians would be bad representation of what God wants us to be.

1. One of the Christian Moms, who is Black none the less, works for Planned Parenthood. (if the killing of innocent lives by Planned Parenthood isn't enough, then the eugenics of the organization should send you over the top).

2. One of the cheerleaders, Lila, is promiscuous and immodest who again goes to church and prays regularly but doesn't understand that God applies to her sex life.

3. All of these families have only 1 child, while some people can only have 1 child, but most of the people only choose to have one child because it would be too much work and sacrifice to have more.

4. Lila's father seems to think that anything less than the ideal for his not so good daughter and said that he would not support his daughter if she were to marry a crippled man. Because it would require too much sacrifice.

5. The boys in this "Christian" town are allowed to have as much sex as they want and in any way they want, and they are allowed to cheat with all schoolwork because they play football.

Many reasons why you can't just let things go. You need to be tolerant in the way that it is true instead of the live and let live philosophy.

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