Tuesday, August 6, 2019

a local conference

Reading the daily readings today, it reminded me that sometimes we need to be renewed and refreshed in the good that is God so we can keep on keeping on in the beautiful mess that is our world. Prior to this, I was honestly weary of another conference when the Cleveland Catholic's Women Conference first came about. The over stimulated with people bit in me just thought, ugh, another thing where people will get half-assed speaches about being faithful and crap and then just go back to daily routine.

Today, though for some reason it hit me differently, that at times we need these bits of renewals these refreshing bits of what we know to be true but has gotten lost in the gun shootings and broken glasses and poop accidents. So I'm coming around to I think its good.That maybe I need this and perhaps you do too. Its hard to keep going a million miles an hour and not have time to stop and say thank-you and realize you are just one part of many that you aren't isolated in your struggle, we all have it, and we all can find solace in the goodness of God. And this gives a place to do that.

So I am buying a ticket to go. How I will get there, I am not sure, maybe I will catch a ride, maybe I will take a bus, or bike my way over. Whatever it be, I'll be going. Maybe you should too.


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