Tuesday, June 18, 2019

A do over

I feel like perhaps the full moon got the best of us today. We struggled today. It started out fine, but I think something went amiss at forest school. During introductions, two of my children ran away and then at the tail end of it, one of my kids pushed another off of a bike rack hurting him in the process. Then somehow it seemed that the big kids had it in their mind that they were going up the path that has a giant set of stairs, but they didn’t have that direction to be able to do that. And since we had a lot of new attendees, my kids were basically the only people leading the group. It was a bit chaotic. I went the lower path way with the others who had not gone up and helped them along. My littlest was being her normal adventurous 2yo self, so we wandered our way over to basecamp. In the last bit Helena saw me and started crying right away, because she was with people she didn’t know and she needed a familiar face. And things were okay for a while, but then my boys were fighting with each other and then my oldest at one point hit someone and it was just all downhill from there. On the way back I lost a kid and just felt terrible about how little control I had. I think ultimately it was just the feeling that as much as we were used to having friends surrounding us, there were a lot of new faces today, and while its great to get people out, we missed the sense of a tribe today because its vacation season and so regulars aren’t coming so much.

And then at home it was just. more screaming and crying and I am thankful that at the end of the day my husband went to the corner chocolate shop and got a frozen mouse pop. It just helped.

So tomorrow is another day, and I am so glad of that.

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