Friday, July 17, 2015

The Farm at Walnut Creek, definitely worth a visit!

I didn't know what to expect when we first pulled up to the Farm at Walnut Creek.  I had read some online about it being a zoo like experience in Amish Country, and I thought okay, why not try it it out.  My children love zoo animals, especially my middle guy. The best thing about the Farm at Walnut Creek was that it was so much more than just a zoo. And I think some of these pictures might just help you to see how amazing it was.

First we stopped off at the welcome post. And my boys loved trying out some of the unique toys that were placed around the store.  I almost have my MIL convinced to buy the horse drawn carriage toy for the boys for Christmas. The folks at the post were welcoming and there were very clean restrooms to refresh ourselves after our drive to out to the farm.

Next we made our drive over to the the wagon area so we could go to the animal encounters. To do this we chose to ride a wagon through the enclosed animal lands. You can take your care too, but we figured to get the whole experience and not have the hassle of driving along with viewing we thought the wagon would be best.  And I would highly recommend the wagon, it allowed you to be right next to the animals in an up close and personal way that I think a car might limit you in. But if you are a little animal shy a car would definitely keep you safe. But as they remind you, just don't hand feed the zebras! Here are some of the beautiful animals we were able to feed and observe on our adventure through the farm. 

I think it was a great reminder to us in the experience of just how gentle such large animals can be.  Even though they outsize us by a few hundred pounds, the animals were not scary at all but were just wanting to be our friends. My boys were a little timid of feeding the animals directly because they were so much bigger, but they could still get into the experience by throwing feed on the ground for the smaller animals or the more timid ones, or those beautiful but teethy zebras. 

The highlight for me of the wagon ride was definitely feeding the giraffes.  I had never been that close to a giraffe before and it was just so eye opening.  I loved it.  Though, just like us humans, they can drool too.  So watch out for some giraffe sized drool when feeding them. 

After the hour long wagon ride, we visited some of the smaller animals stationed nearby.  My kids favorite being turtle lovers were the tortoises of course.

We ended our experience with a stroll through the Amish model homes and just relaxed a bit while we ate our provided delicious cookie.

How cute is this small sized person chair?

Thank-you the Farm at Walnut Creek for a great first time experience!  We want to come back to visit again some time soon! 

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