Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dear's your 1st birthday

I'm one!
Dear Lena,

You are 1.  You made it a whole year with two older brothers who love and adore you but also want to tackle you.  I started this blog long before I knew God would put you or even your brothers in my life.  But I think more and more I want this blog to be for you.  Because I want you to always know that you are loved, but I also want you to know that you are not alone that your mama struggled too, and its okay.

One of my favorite shows, Lena Girl, was Good Luck Charlie.  In it the older sister always had advice for her only sister.  She was surrounded by boys and she was making these video diaries for her baby sister to look at when she got to be her age, they were 15 years or so apart age wise.  I like that and I think at least for a portion of this blog I really want to address you, Lena girl.  I love those brothers of yours, they are amazing gifts that I've been given and they have taught me so much and I am sure there is a infinite amount that they are going to teach me yet, but you are my first daughter.  Your brain is wired differently, I can see it a little bit already, and I think you will appreciate this.

So first I want to say Happy Birthday! You make me smile so much and while you have your crazy moments where I'm just not sure what to do with you, you make up for it with your snuggles. You can say so much already with so little words, you really do read people.  You get that from me, I can always tell what someone is really thinking. A warning to you, that might sometimes get you in trouble, because some people just don't want to say it even if you know it.

You right now think that every animal says "woof" and every baby is your best friend.  That's okay too, I think having the idea that there is good in everyone and that everyone has friend potential might just make life a little sweeter for you.

You want to always be near your mama, you are like your big brother Benji in this way.  He loves soaking up as much of me as he can, though he declared that Daddy is cooler today.  Maybe one day you will think that too, but I hope at least I always have some place in your heart.

You are adventuresome, given the right circumstance.  You climb trampolines and go head first into being raced around by your brothers in the vehicle of their choice, a plastic bin or a police car. You love the snow and sledding and just always want to be included.

You do have your rough evenings, more than probably your brothers had, but its okay.  I know you are still little and these moments are fleeting. You've actually helped me to try to savor more and be okay with a little less productivity.  I'm thankful for that.

So happy birthday Lena girl. I love you.

Your Mama

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