Thursday, October 23, 2014

Structure, Freedom, Balance

I go through spurts where it seems we don't have anything on the calendar and I almost feel sad and like no one cares. It makes me schedule things, and sometimes too much.  Lately, I feel like we've been trying a dry run to what a school set up for next year is going to be like for us. How much structure will it have, how much freedom will it have? What outside things will be be doing?  How much time should be actually be at home?
I've been testing out group activities and actually formed a group for outside adventures with other parish homeschool moms.  I even have a friend who set up a studio for classes for pre-schoolers and we have been trying to support her too.  And to top that we are committed to gymnastics thru June of next year.  Honestly, it feels like a lot.  Maybe its because we are in this weird transition phase, where we aren't really in school yet, or doing school, but the mom in me that wants the best for her kids is trying to try everything out and see what works best for her kids.
So what structure do we need? One thing we have been doing lately, and it seems to be going well is morning basket.  We light candles and say thankful prayers, bless ourselves with Holy water, learn about a Saint, and say a Hail Mary. We blow out the candles and then end with reading books, it works really well right now, except for when the baby gets a little fussy sometimes.  This is really our extent of anything that is more traditional school-like for the moment.  I like it, the boys like it, it takes about 20-30 minutes tops.
I really do like morning basket. It brings us together in prayer and helps me to feel like we aren't floundering about in our day.  Now I don't know if we should add any more to it, I mean attention spans are only so long. It feels good in this aspect that is where we are right now.
I think the hard part then comes from balancing what we had been doing, with play dates and  field trips with when we should be at home. I feel overwhelmed at times, and even though I want my extrovert to see other people, I sometimes feel like there is almost too much going, going, going. So maybe we do 3 days out, 2 days at home.  We have been doing more of a 4 to 1 ratio, and its tolling. And then there are errands and groceries, things that have to get done sometime, somehow.
Ultimately want my kids to have freedom to learn, but I think I need some boundaries for myself to make that happen.  Praying for discipline to keep my boundaries so I don't feel burnt out.

At my friend's studio. 

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