Sunday, December 9, 2012

What I wore sunday, vol. 7

Last week I was sick, but this week I am not, thank-you Jesus for feeling better!  Here's the outfit:

Scarf: from an alpaca fair, not sure which one, my husband likes llamas a lot so we tend to go to these things or get things from them.
Shirt: Clothing Swap
Skirt: Target
Boots: Payless

So I tried out the scarf deal that you all were rocking in previous posts.  I think it worked, though maybe a chunky necklace would have been better. Overall since we were putting together 12 gingerbread houses for guests today, this outfit was kind of thrown together in like 5 minutes, but it hopefully worked right?

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  1. I really like the sleeve length on that shirt. That is the length that I try to find and have a hard time. I definitely need to start hitting up some thrift stores....

  2. I dig your outfit this week! Nice balance with the scarf on top and fullness of the skirt on bottom. Looks comfy!

  3. I love the scarf with it and think that it definitely worked!:)

  4. The scarf looks great w/ your outfit. You look very put-together. :)

  5. Totally worked! The scarf looks great!

  6. Quickly thrown together outfits are often my favorites, and this totally works!