Friday, February 11, 2011

7 quick takes

1. Ben took some first steps a day shy of 11 months, and I was super excited for him. But I am sure I will miss my baby soon.

2. I screwed up a deadline for graduation and luckily was approved an extension.  But I have totally been working my butt off to get it done by February 25th.

3. Last Friday Ben and I checked out the Children's museum of Cleveland and he loved it.  Unfortunately we had a little fall when there, but the crying was short lasted, and he didn't want the fun to end.

4. Tents have been made constantly with lots of laughter ensued.  And apparently throwing magnets at a refrigerator is hilarious as well.

5. I've been enjoying the Live Out Loud podcast.  I just keep thinking about how I wish I knew more teenagers like the host.  Maybe she will go on to be the next Lila Rose.

6. We recorded another podcast. All about the planned parenthood investigations and other current news.  If you want to listen to it here is a link: The Contranauts Episode 33

7. I am anticipating a warm up this weekend, and even though I like winter, I could do without the block of ice that is my driveway that has been here since 2 Wednesdays ago.

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  1. Love the baby in the sand picture. Nice to read your quick takes.

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