Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Granted this is Cleveland, but it seems that lately there has been quite a good amount of snow here.  This makes me feel like curling up with a good book and hot chocolate or tea.  For proof of the constant snow here are some views from my window:

Granted I choose to live here, and actually love the snow, so really I'm not complaining.  I just wanted to give you a taste of our little winter wonderland. 

The complaint I do have, is simply I went to the library to pick out a book to read, and was all excited to read a book about living in the city.  But no, that's not what the book is really about.  So after about 10 pages in, I am done with it, and must take it back tomorrow or tonight for a different book.  I realized that I have read most of what are on my bookshelves at home, so the library becomes necessary for new material.  Of the books that I have read though, I think I actually only enjoyed one of them, title The Quickening, all the other ones have just been so so.  I guess part of my issue is that I don't want to search for a book forever, so I just pick one up from the displayed books.  This means, I am kinda judging a book by its cover and I am definitely doing a poor job of it. I am thinking that I should return to the classics or get books that were recommended to me.  I obviously am doing a terrible job of picking things up on a whim. If you have a must read for me than just leave it in the comment section and I will be sure to look for it at the library.  I read pretty much anything in the fiction category as long as its not a romance novel that is just gross.  

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