Friday, July 23, 2010

sleepless nights biting me in the butt

So as I stated as a facebook status.  That one should never say that your baby is letting you get sleep at night, because inevitably you will have a sleepless night immediately after.  I don't think its a karma thing.  But rather to keep you humble as a parent.  Because for some reason sleeping thru the night is something that parents get smug about.  And really its not that the little one sleeps thru the night, as in 8 or 10 hours or something like that.  But he usally does a steady 5 or 6 hour stretch and then usually wakes up to feed but then goes back to sleep until official waking up. More times then not there is a second waking time, but I move the little guy and he sleeps again.

But then there are the nights of the endless kicking from 3am on.  And these I have adjusted to zoning out a good amount of the time.  Because he's no longer kicking me but the crib beside me. I still do a bit of actual co-sleeping particularly when I fall asleep admist a feeding in the middle of the night.  But I've learned that I sleep better for the first bit of the night and so does baby when he's in his crib beside me and I am in the bed without him. And then when I have fallen asleep admist feeding and the kicking starts, well he gets put back in the crib to kick the crib and not me.

So once in a good while there is a night, like the last, where there is a ton of crying mid early morning. And last night from about 4am on there was tossing and turning and then crying from 5ish on. Inevitably ending in a 5:45 full out cry that made us all get up sleep deprived a bit to get him settled down.  About by 6:45 or 7, he did get back to sleep, for which i am thankful cause we both then slept till about 9am.  Yes, this means I'm a lazy mama sleeping in till 9am, but he lets me do it and I am so not a morning person if I don't have to be.

So I'm not looking for advice here, just wanted to say that I'm reminded that these hard bits of being a parent are reminders to lean on God, and to be patient with the little one.  To also be thankful for the good nights, and I welcome those good nights greatly! But that is where we are at.  We just went for a stroller ride mid post because these days that seems to put the little one out for a nap, so I can have some morning writing time.  So now on to the thesis writing. Chapter 3 here we come!

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