Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a few updates

     The first is I started finally reading Harry Potter. The craze of those books came out at least 10 years ago, before I was in college. I read then, but definitely wasn't into reading that type of book at that time.  And I kinda was a rebel without a cause, so anything that was popular, I was a bit against in my teenage angst. I'm only a few chapters into the first book, but as of now I can say its better written than the Twilight series. Prior to this I read The Phantom Tollbooth, which is a really good book too, and I recommend it to child who is over-stimulated from media, as it brings out the imagination in you once again.

     Ben has been gaining baby skill points, as my husband would call it, as of late.  He's getting the hang of sititng up.  He still topples over a bit, but I can leave him sitting and do something small and about 75% of the time he's still sitting and playing with something.  Here's a pic from an adventure earlier in the week as semi-evidence.

We are trying to use less ac in our house, and thus build up our heat tolerance.  Apparently, if you are in constant ac then you no longer can deal with heat.  Sadly for most, this is the way we are becoming, especially since most work environments are kept at 72 degrees or lower.  So our plan right now is to set the daytime temp to 80 degrees and the night time temp to 74, and these are on days when the temps outside are greater than 85, because our house is good at staying cool and we have a basement.  So thus when its 85 or less outside no ac for us. Today it is 90, so its on, but not really, since its 77 inside still and it hasnt gone on since last night.  What are your philosophies on ac usage?

Well, I should play with the little smiler some more before his nap and thesis writing begins again. Hope this finds you well.


  1. We set our a/c to 78 in the day and 75 at night. That's about as much as I could tolerate when pregnant. I could probably go up to 80 now, but I don't exactly want to.

  2. Welcome to Catholic Mothers Online! for the a.c. question, it really depends on the amount of humidity out there for me.

    In Texas, right now, my downstairs is set at 78 and the upstairs at
    79. The builder told us to keep the downstairs a smidge cooler so that the hot air won't continuously rise and make the upstairs run more often. Made sense to me.

    Have a blessed Sunday!